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Appletree Dental Surgery

We’re a friendly dental practice in Herne just outside Canterbury. We understand that for many people, a visit to the dentist can be daunting, we want to make your journey with us as easy and enjoyable as possible with the reassurance that almost all your dental needs can be accommodated under our roof. We pride ourselves on our reputation and the friendly, calm and relaxing atmosphere experienced by many at our practice. A visit to us is more commonly compared to a coffee with friends. We welcome all patients and if you’re slightly apprehensive don’t be! We welcome nervous patients, we have the time to spend with you to truly give you the treatment that you deserve. 

Read on to find out how you can get the healthy teeth and beautiful smile you have always wanted and actually enjoy going to the dentist!

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Your big day + your dream smile = the perfect wedding💒

Start your invisalign journey now so you are ready for your big day🦷 Click link in bio to book a consultation now!🔗

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How much gel do you put in your trays?🦷

To make sure you don`t overfill your trays place a lentil size amount of the gel in each tooth compartment and you`re ready to start whitening!✨

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Root Canal awareness week🦷

What is a Root Canal treatment❔
Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that can help save a tooth that is damaged or infected, preventing the need for extraction and potentially saving the patient from further dental problems!

How does it work❔
Root canal treatment involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp and cleaning out the inside of the tooth. Once the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, a filling material is placed to seal the tooth and prevent further infection. In some cases, a crown may be placed over the tooth to provide additional protection and support!

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This Sunday we are attending East Kents Biggest Wedding Fair along side ReVibe HQ at Canterbury Cricket Ground, be sure to pop in and say hello!💒

Exclusive offers available on the day only!🦷

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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week💜

Movement is the theme, here at Appletree we are supporting this foundation with movement throughout the week!

"Movement is important for our mental health. But so many of us struggle to move enough. We know there are many different reasons for this, so this Mental Health Awareness Week we want to help people to find moments for movement in their daily routines. Going for a walk in your neighbourhood, putting on your favourite music and dancing around the living room, chair exercises when you’re watching television – it all counts!"

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Award Winning Private Family Dental Practice in Herne, Kent

We pride ourselves in offering high quality dental care and thrive to create a calm, caring and comfortable environment for all of our patients.

We welcome adults, children and nervous patients.


Why are we different?

You will be treated as an individual, have your concerns and needs carefully listened to and incorporated into your treatment at every stage. This all takes place in a pleasant and comfortable environment with all the benefits of the latest technology and friendly caring staff. We want to make Dentistry fun!

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