What is Dental Trauma?

Dental Trauma is damage to the teeth, jawbone or face caused by a solid object. It may occur through a fall or a sports injury.

Sometimes the teeth may be knocked out completely or be displaced or broken. If the teeth are broken please go to Broken Tooth

Loss of a Tooth

If a tooth is knocked out DO NOT CLEAN IT WITH TAPWATER

A tooth has a good chance of survival if it can be put back in it’s socket within 60minutes of it coming out.

♦ Place it either in your cheek so that it is stored in your own saliva or a tub/glass of whole milk.

♦ If you feel confident enough put the tooth back in its socket (this might be uncomfortable).

♦ If not contact the Urgent Care Centres to have the tooth re-implanted.

Maintain a soft diet for 3-4 weeks and contact your dentist when they re-open to have it radiographed and checked.

It is normal for the tooth to be tender for a few weeks after re-implantation, the tooth may need root canal treatment to aid prognosis.

A Tooth that has Moved Position

If a tooth has been knocked and is now in a different position then you may be able to reposition it yourself.

If the tooth has been pushed backwards or is now tilted forwards…

♦ Take the tooth between your thumb and first finger

♦ Apply firm pressure

♦ The tooth should click back into it’s normal position

If it doesn’t or if a tooth is wobbly please contact the Urgent Dental Care Centre for an appointment.

If the tooth has broken please see Broken Tooth for advice.