Fat Dissolving Injections

We all have those stubborn areas, whether it be your double chin, the arms, back or tummy, Fat Dissolving Injections, also known as Lipolysis can be the perfect solution.

Dr Harriss takes a holistic approach to treatment and patients can expect a thorough consultation and will leave with an effective and proven plan of action to maximise and maintain the effects of your treatment. We also offer a complimentary skin tightening treatment to help maximise results

♦ We offer a holistic approach to fat loss, taking into account your mind as well as your body

♦ We use the very best of the best treatments; effective and scientifically proven

♦ Complete support throughout your fat loss journey. We will be with you every step of the way, helping you understand how your body is breaking down fat in the coming weeks and how you can maximise results.

♦ Free skin firming treatment to help maximise your results.


Lipolytic injections for unwanted areas of fat in the face and body.

Lipolytic injections are a suitable alternative for fat loss for those who are not willing to undergo invasive surgery such as liposuction.

Many people are concerned about areas of excessive fat on the body and face (e.g. double chin and jowls). We offer lipolytic injections for those who want to get rid of their stubborn pockets of fat.

We use a variety of Pluryal products that have been scientifically proven for fat dissolving

FACECONTOUR – for dissolving fat on the face and neck

BODYCONTOUR – for dissolving fat on the body

BODYFIRM – for firming up the tissues after treatment

The Procedure

The product is cannulated into the fatty area.

How long doe the Procedure take?

45 – 60 minutes per session depending on the area or the number of areas.

Will it hurt?

The product range and Dr Harriss’s techniques cause very little downtime in comparison to other systems used in lipolysis and a local anaesthetic can be applied.

You may notice mild soreness and/or bruising or swelling on the day of treatment, but any side effects will subside within a few days.

How does it Work?

This treatment works by targeting fat deposits in the body and permanently dissolves them through a series of fine injections.

When will I see results?

You will notice results within a month of treatment. We use lipolytic injection with scientifically proven fat dissolving agents to target unwanted pockets of fat. For fast treatment with little downtime and effective results, this package is technically our ‘quickest’ fat-loss treatment.

For maximum results, a course of three treatments one month apart are recommended.


Face = £495 per session/area

Body = £495 per 2 sessions/areas

(One Area = 65x65cm)

Skin Tightening

We’re the only clinic to offer Free BodyFirm treatment (skin tightening) after body fat dissolving injections (usually £250 per session).

Ask about BodyFirm at your Consultation!