Your Child aged 2 years old and under

Dietary Advice

Current advice is to breastfeed for as long as possible, if you supplement with formula or purely feed formula, DO NOT WORRY. The most important thing is that your baby is fed. When they start experimenting with foods and the different textures try to give it at mealtimes, this is setting your baby up for a good routine.

If possible use sugar-free medicines, there is a sugar-free call readily available and your GP can provide sugar-free alternatives.

Dental Advice

It is at this age that all of their baby teeth should have erupted, this is a guideline and every child is different. If you have have concerns please speak with your dentist.

When should I bring my Baby to see a Dentist?

As soon as possible! We welcome babies and children at Appletree Dental Surgery and to be honest the sooner they are at ease at being in the dental surgery the better! When they grow their first tooth it is good to have them sit in the chair and let the dentist count the teeth. We do this regularly as it allows us to discuss their oral health and tooth brushing routines with the parents, we can have a look to ensure that their mouths are healthy and developing normally and it allows them to become used to us and what we do.

When should I brush their teeth?

As soon as the first tooth erupts, brush it twice a day, morning and evening and again this develops good routine and habits.

What toothpaste should I use?

You can use any toothpaste that contains 1000ppm fluoride. This is usually stated on the back of toothpaste tubes and toothpaste suppliers usually market the toothpastes for children. Use a smear of toothpaste and encourage your child to spit the excess out and not to rinse. The flouride in the toothpaste will help to strengthen the teeth. When your child is 3years old they move onto to toothpaste with 1450ppm fluoride. This is identical to the amount of fluoride in your toothpaste.

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