It’s National Hygienist recognition week and we are proud to celebrate our fantastic Hygienists at Appletree. Our team at Appletree have been handpicked by Dr Harriss to create the ultimate dream team for all of your Oral Health needs.

At Appletree we are an EMS Airflow accredited practice, this means that not only do our hygienists use state of the art technology to care for your mouth, teeth and gums but also receive extensive ongoing training to ensure that the techniques and treatments that we provide for you are the best. Hygienists are trained to screen your Gum Health and to treat any inflammation and pocketing by removing plaque. Firstly, a temporary stain is applied to your teeth which highlights any bacterial films present, then this is removed with a powder blast which also removed staining and then to finish an ultrasonic tip removes any remaining plaque. Leaving you with a refreshed and thoroughly cleaned mouth.

Did you know 8 out of 10 people aged 35 and over suffer from some kind of gum disease therefore looking after your oral health is extremely important!