What is a Dental Emergency?

We understand that any issue in your mouth may feel like a dental emergency, and you are right in a sense, we are constantly advising patients that if they make an appointment sooner rather than later it often results in less treatment required (and we all know that that is the preferred option!) However, during these unprecedented times being able to understand what is a TRUE dental emergency is beneficial to both our patients and also the Urgent Dental Centres that are being used.

A true Dental Emergency is;

♦ Bleeding following an extraction that does not stop after 20minutes of firm pressure with gauze

♦ Facial Swelling that extends to the eye, neck or floor of the mouth causing the tongue to be lifted

♦ Severely broken tooth or tooth fallen out with pain

♦ Toothache that is preventing sleep or eating combined with swelling and/or fever that is not manageable with painkiller

♦ Trauma causing excessive bleeding, loss of a tooth, broken teeth accompanied with pain and swelling

If you have any of the above please contact our friendly Team on

01227 369921

between 8.00am and 10am

Monday – Friday

to speak with a dentist for advice.

If you have swelling that is extending to the eye, neck or under the tongue please attend Accident and Emergency at William Harvey Hospital Ashford.